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Final Results

Spatial Vision

On Friday the 13th of February the final results of the Queensland State 2015 elections were declared with Labor winning 44 of the 89 seats to 42 for the LNP. In union with Nicklin Independent Peter Wellington Labor formed a minority government sealing a 35 seat pre-election swing.

This site shows detailed regional information of the winning parties, with the colours representing the party and the dot size showing the magnitude of the winning margin for each electoral seat.

By hovering over the region a pop up window will display the electorate name, winning party, margin and elected member. Clicking on the margin will reveal the two candidates as well as their respective votes, the winning percentage represents the difference in the overall two candidate preferred count. Three regions were won by less than one percent of the total votes Lockyer (114 votes), Mount Ommaney (126 votes) and Whitsunday (218 votes) with each electorate remaining in LNP control.

About the data

Data presented in this map is based on information published by the Electoral Commission Queensland  for the Legislative Assembly.