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State Election 2015: Pre-Election seat margins

The 2015 Queensland State Election was anticipated to be a tightly contested affair with an expectation Labor will win back a good number of seats it lost in 2012. There was also an expectation that minor parties would do well. Hence, the margins by which seats were currently held and their location was of great interest.

This map presents the 2012 State General Election Results for Queensland (Legislative Assembly) Electoral Districts published by the Electoral Commission Queensland. The results indicate the party that won the seat, the elected member, and the margin by which the seat was won on a two party preferred system based on the distribution of voter preferences for unsuccessful candidates.

The margin by which the elected member prior to the 2015 election held their seat based on the 2012 result is presented as a coloured dot. The bigger the dot the more marginal the seat, and vice versa. The dot colour indicates the party that won the seat in 2012. The 2012 election was a landslide victory for the Campbell Newman led Liberal National Party (LNP) which won office by defeating the sitting Australian Labor Party Government of Anna Bligh, leaving Labor with only 7 of the 89 Seats in the Parliament.

About the data

Data presented in this map is based on information published by the Electoral Commission Queensland  for the Legislative Assembly.